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Building Project - Phase 1b

There are a lot of exciting things happening at Bay Pines right now.  Our school is growing and our church ministry is reaching out to many new people in the area.  As we move forward, we want to make sure the building and grounds meet the needs of our ministries.  With that in mind,

he Bay Pines Building Committee, with approval given from our Church Council, is starting “phase 1b” of our building project.


Due to termite damage and warped pipes, both of which were not anticipated in our cost calculations, the amount of money needed for the bathroom remodel has increased. We are also looking to replace the side doors in the back of church and the doors in the memorial hall/kitchen hallway. Altogether, this will cost $25,000.


Donations for “phase 1b” can be put into the building project box, online, or in the offering plate (please mark the envelope or check with the words “building project” if you put it in the offering plate.) 


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the building committee chair, Jon Kulhanek. Thank you for your donations and prayers as we move forward with this project! 

  Below are several drawings from the Building Committee.


Bathroom Facilities

One of the most needed improvements for our congregation is to have updated bathroom facilities. The Building Committee recognized this need and set this as a primary goal of the building plan. 

Bathroom and Cry Room

To increase the size the space in the bathroom, the water heater has been moved to the closet in the Cry Room.


Memorial Hall

The Fifth and Sixth Grade Classroom was moved into Memorial Hall several years ago with the thought that it would be temporary.  Originally the plan was to install a portable classroom but after time and considering costs, converting Memorial Hall to a full-time classroom makes more sense.  This conversion would also provide a room for tutoring or a meeting space.


We have an amazing God that can do all things.  Please pray that God blesses our ministry. Pray that in all we do, he is glorified.


Please consider donating to help with this project.  This project will not start until it is fully funded.  Click below and a new window will open our donation site.

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